Target Display Rack

Metal Display Rack

Allow extra time to ship*

37022 37012 (Empty Rack) Large Paper Target Display Rack

55"H x 38"W x 23"D

Solid one-piece welded construction. Designed to hold 100-sheet stock of each target. Sized to fit Targets 23" x 35". 12-Shelf/Target locations--1,200 total targets.


780.98 empty rack

*NOTE: Drop-shipped direct from the factory, allow extra time, rush not available (3% cancellation fee if canceled before 90 days). No additional discounts apply to the displays. As the manufacturer changes their lineup, the displays can vary from the description and image above, but the value will remain the same. Someone needs to be available to receive shipment--may be shipped on a pallet, delivery address must be able to receive freight shipment (18-wheeler) --NO RESIDENTIAL ADDRESSES--.

NOTE: Shipping costs and restocking fees will be charged on returns of any of the displays or if carrier cannot or will not deliver to your address.

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