F-Class Targets

The NRA shooting targets below are printed on NRA standard  BUFF  target paper (P) or tagboard (T). Available in smaller quantities, however the more you buy the more you save! Use down arrows to right of prices for options.

300 Yard F-Class Target
MR-63F F-class Shooting TargetMR-63FC F-class Shooting Target
F-Class Full Size

28" x 28" (P)
17⅞" Black
F-Class Center

20" x 20" (P)
17⅞" Black
500 Yard F-Class Target
MR-65F F-class Shooting TargetMR-65FC F-class Shooting Target
F-Class Full Size

37" x 37" (P)
30" Black
F-Class Center

16" x 16" (P)
600 Yard F-Class Target
MR-1F F-class Shooting TargetMR-1FC F-class Shooting Target
F-Class Full Size

49" x 49" (P)
36" Black (2 pcs)
F-Class Center

37" x 37" (P)
36" Black
800-1000 Yard F-Class Target
LR-F F-class Shooting TargetLR-FC F-class Shooting Target
F-Class Full Size

72" x 72" (P)
44" Black (4 pcs)
F-Class Center

26" x 26" (P)
F-Class Sampler
FC_SAMP F-class Shooting Target
1 each, 8 total

9.99 ea. 

For NRA F-Class Rules, go to http://compete.nra.org/
Alternate configurations using standard backer targets


300 Yard [Use MR-63FC over MR-63 for full F-Class target]

MR-63FC -- MR-63 F-Class Center -- 20" wide paper
        -- contains full F-Class 6-ring (6-ring is outermost F-Class black)

MR-63   -- MR-63 Target -- 35" wide paper
        -- adds 2 outer white rings (F-Class 5-ring and 4-ring)


500 Yard [Use MR-65FC over MR-65 for full F-Class target]

MR-65FC -- MR-65 F-Class Center (repair center for MR-65F) -- 16" wide paper
        -- contains full F-Class 8-ring (5-ring is outermost F-Class black)

MR-65   -- MR-65 Target (Not needed if using MR-65F) -- 37" wide paper
        -- adds 1 outer white ring (F-Class 4-ring)


600 Yard [Use MR-1FC over MR for full F-Class target]

MR-1FC  -- MR-1 F-Class Center -- 37" wide paper
        -- contains full F-Class 6 ring (6-ring is outermost F-Class black)

MR      -- MR Target -- 67" wide x 72" tall paper (in two pieces)
        -- adds 2 outer white rings (F-Class 5-ring and 4-ring)


800-1000 Yard [Use LR-FC over LR-C to get complete F-Class black rings]
              [Use LR-FC over LR-C over MR for outer white ring]

LR-FC   -- LR F-Class Center -- 26" wide paper
        -- contains full F-Class 9-ring (7-ring is outermost F-Class black)

LR-C    -- LR Center -- 45" wide paper (in two pieces)
        -- extends to full F-Class 7-ring (7-ring is outermost F-Class black)

MR      -- MR Target -- 67" wide x 72" tall paper (in two pieces)
        -- adds 1 outer white ring (F-Class 6-ring)

Dimensions of the paper can vary, however the dimensions of the rings are set by standard.

The International ICFRA F-Class Targets can be found at the bottom of the High Power page, click here.

F-Class = F Class = Fun Class = Farquharson
Open Class = F/Open = F-Open = F-O
Target Rifle Class = F/TR = F-T/R = F-TR

*SAMPLERS: If a component of a sampler is out of stock, a target of similar value may be substituted for that component, possibly duplicating another component. Unless otherwise stated, samplers do not include rolls, sets, nor new items, and may contain folded targets. Exact content of samplers can vary without notice--email before ordering if you have specific concerns. Allow extra time to prepare samplers.
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