Flippin' Critters Walking Targets

Flippin' Critters

4321220 (Round)
4321221 (Prairie Dog)
Flippin' Critters™
Walking Target

Flippin' Critters™ Walking Targets keep rimfire plinking sessions fun and interesting, while sharpening shooting skills at the same time. Flippin' Critters™ have a unique "tri-pod" shape that causes the target to flip and walk away from the shooter each time the target is hit. Each time the target flips it moves both backwards and at an angle, so there is always a new challenge for each shot. The targets are made from tough AR 400 steel, so they hold up to year after year of plinking action. Available in round and prairie dog shapes, in bright colors to make them easy to see.

21.25  Round  

21.25  Prairie Dog  

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