Pistoleer Target Samplers and Sets

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Item IDA.K.A.SizeDescriptionPriceShopping Cart
Airgun Targets
AR_SAMP24_pcsSamplerAirgun targets6.99
Animal Targets
GAME_SAMP13_pcsSamplerNRA Life-Size Game Targets39.98
PGAnimal_SAMP6_pcsSamplerPregame Animal Splattering Targets26.60
RB_SAMP12_pcs.SamplerRunning Boar Targets [3 each, 12 total]7.99
Archery Targets
AY_SAMP9_pcsSamplerArchery Targets3.99
BenchRest Targets
IBS_SAMP13_pcsSamplerIBS & USBR Targets12.99
Competition, Military, Combat Targets
ACTION_SAMP9_pcsSamplerAction Pistol Targets8.99
BIANCHI_SAMP9_pcsSamplerBianchi targets8.99
C_SAMP59_pcsSamplerCompetition targets59.99
COMBAT_SAMP7_pcsSamplerCombat Targets [1 of each, 7 total]9.99
CRN_SAMP10_pcsSamplerCombat Rifle Target Numbering Set [contains 1 each of 1 through X]11.99
DISC_SAMP9_pcsSamplerDiscretionary Targets19.99
DOD_SAMP20_pcsSamplerFACER, PRONE, ITT, and DOD targets19.99
EZE_SAMP19_pcsSamplerEze-Scorer Targets17.66
LLAB_SAMP7_pcsSampler"Army-L", "Police-L", "Rifle-A", "Rifle-B" Targets14.99
TA_SAMP13_pcsSamplerLife-Size Tactical Anatomy Target [1 each of all 13]12.99
TA_SP325_pcsSample PackLife-Size Tactical Anatomy Target [25 each of all 13]139.99
High Power Targets
HP_SAMP33_pcsSamplerNRA High Power Rifle Target Sampler [Does not include SR3, LR, F-Class, nor RITR]79.99
HP_BASE_SAMP12_pcsSamplerNRA High Power Rifle Base Target Sampler [1 each:, SR1, SR21, MR31, SR, SR42(P), MR52(P), SR3C, MR63, MR, MR65, MR1, LRC]12.99
HP_FC_SAMP8_pcsSamplerF-Class Target Sampler [1 each:, LRF, LRFC, MR1F, MR1FC, MR63F, MR63FC, MR65F, MR65FC]8.99
IHP_SAMP14_pcsSamplerInternational High Power Rifle Target Sampler16.99
SPO_SAMP15_pcsSamplerSpotters, Spindles, Markers7.99
Handgun Targets
B_SAMP70_pcsSamplerHandgun targets29.99
Muzzle Loading Targets
NMLRA_SAMP15_pcsSamplerNational Muzzle Loading Rifle Association Targets8.99
RB_SAMP12_pcs.SamplerRunning Boar Targets [3 each, 12 total]7.99
Pasters and Targ-Dots
SP_SET4_pcsDayglo Red MixSighting pasters, one roll of 125 for each size [1", 2", 3"], plus a package of 15 of the 5-1/2"15.79
TP_SET6_pcs3/4" Circles MixTarget pasters, one roll of each color (black, buff, white, brown, orange, blue)18.99
TPS_SET6_pcs1" Squares MixTarget pasters, one roll of each color (black, buff, blue, green, white, brown)38.99
Photo Style Situational Targets
NTC_SAMP20_pcsSamplerNTC B&W Targets [1 each of all 20]19.99
NTC_SP100_pcsSample PackSample Pack [5 each of all 20 NTC B&W targets]49.99
12 Targets
NTC Full Color Targets [1 each of all 12]17.99
NTC_FC_SP120_pcsSample Pack
120 Targets
Sample Pack [10 each of all 12 NTC Full Color Targets]83.98
ACT_SAMP7_pcsSamplerACT Targets [1 each of all 7]6.99
ACT_SP175_pcsSample PackSample Pack [25 each of all 7 ACT targets]78.73
8 Targets
NTZ Zombies [2 each of all 4]11.99
NTZ_SP24_pcsSample Pack
24 Targets
Sample Pack NTZ Zombies [6 each of all 4]19.99
HOSTAGE_SAMP15_pcsSamplerHostage Situation Targets19.98
Shoot-N-C/Dirty Bird/Pregame Targets
PGChallenge_SAMP12_pcsSamplerPREGAME® Challenge Splattering Targets [3 of each, 12 total]16.19
PGAnimal_SAMP6_pcsSamplerPregame Animal Splattering Targets26.60
Silhouette and Law Enforcement Targets
S_SAMP~SamplerSilhouette & LE targets199.99
Silhouette - B-27, B-34, and B-29 Style Targets
B27_SAMP20_pcs.SamplerB-27 Style Full Length Targets19.99
B27C_SAMP9_pcs.SamplerB-27C Style Center Targets9.99
B27E_SAMP17_pcs.SamplerB-27E Style Economy Targets16.99
B29_SAMP12_pcs.SamplerB-29 Style Targets7.99
B34_SAMP10_pcs.SamplerB-34 Style Targets5.99
Silhouette - B-21 and B-30 Style Targets
B21_SAMP10_pcs.SamplerB-21 Style 50 Yard Targets12.99
B21E_SAMP12_pcs.SamplerB-21E Style 25 Yard Targets11.99
B30_SAMP15_pcs.SamplerB-30 Style 50 Foot Targets [3 of each, 15 total]15.99
Silhouette - FBI-Q and other Milk Bottle Style Targets
FBI_SAMP16_pcs.SamplerFBI Training & Qualification Targets15.99
Silhouette - Training, Qualification, and other Law Enforcement Targets
BADGUY_SAMP12_pcs.SamplerBad Guy targets (ICEQT-MPPC)14.99
JAS_SAMP15_pcs.SamplerJAS Police Survival targets [3 of each, 15 total]6.99
TQLE_SAMP10_pcs.SamplerNRA Training & Qualification LE targets (TQ15-TQ22)10.99
TT_SAMP12_pcs.SamplerUS Treasury Transitional Targets [3 each, 12 total]7.99
DOE_SAMP12_pcs.SamplerDOE Standard Targets [3 of each, 12 total]9.99
STATE_SAMP14_pcs.SamplerCity and State Qualification Targets13.99
HOSTAGE_SAMP15_pcsSamplerHostage Situation Targets19.98
Smallbore Rifle Targets
A_SAMP>50_pcsSamplerSmallbore Rifle Targets24.99
Zombie Targets
8 Targets
NTZ Zombies [2 each of all 4]11.99
NTZ_SP24_pcsSample Pack
24 Targets
Sample Pack NTZ Zombies [6 each of all 4]19.99
H_AP100_pcs10½" x 12" (P)
Assorted Pack
Halloween Target Assorted Pack [25 of each--100 targets total]10.98
H_SAMP12_pcs10½" x 12" (P)
Halloween Target Sampler [3 of each--dozen targets total]3.99
HeadShots112" x 12"Darkotic Adhesive Target Sampler [6 = 2 of each of the 12" x 12" headshots]17.98
Darkotic(S)15_pcsSamplerDarkotic Sampler (one each of the available 12" x 18" splattering Darkotic targets)29.97
Darkotic(P)10_pcsSamplerDarkotic Sampler (one each of the available 23" x 35" paper Darkotic targets)19.97

*SAMPLERS: If a component of a sampler is out of stock, a target of similar value may be substituted for that component, possibly duplicating another component. Unless otherwise stated, samplers do not include rolls, sets, nor new items, and may contain folded targets. Exact content of samplers can vary without notice--email before ordering if you have specific concerns. Allow extra time to prepare samplers.

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