TacStar Slimline Sidesaddles

TacStar Slimline Sidesaddle

Slimline™ Sidesaddle
w/FREE 12 ga. A-Zoom Snap-Cap

1081210 (Mossberg 500/590)

1081211 (Remington)

1081212 (Mossberg 930)

Our Sidesaddle line has gained a large following because of their convenient placement of shells right where you need them for a fast reload. We have now taken the Sidesaddle to the next level with our slimline version. The Sidesaddle utilizes a non-glare, anodized aluminum backing plate material as our traditional Sidesaddle; however we have contoured the plate so that it takes up less space on the receiver and has fewer areas that could potential snag. Additionally we have changed the shell carrier itself to our proprietary flexible synthetic rubber material, which offers durability and weather resistance as well as secure shell retention. Like the backing plate, the shell carrier also is smaller is size than our traditional sidesaddle, adding to its sleek appearance. 12 Gauge Only.

  • Sleek, slimline appearance
  • Strong, rigid, non-glare aluminum backing plate
  • Durable, flexible synthetic rubber shell carrier with secure shell retention
  • Reduced size and streamlined shape reduce chances of snagging

39.98 Mossberg 500/590/Maverick 88 

39.98 Remmington 870/1100/1187 

39.98 Mossberg 930 

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