TacStar Tactical Grip Coat

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TacStar Tactical Grip Coat 1081037 TacStar Tactical Grip Coat

Transforms slick polymer surface to a textured rubber gripping surface.

The TacStar Tactical Grip Coat transforms slick polymer surfaces to a textured rubber gripping surface in minutes.

Tactical Grip Coat is a revolutionary do-it-yourself system that adds a tough, thin layer of non-slip rubber texture to almost any plastic or polymer surface that is perfect for any slick polymer grips or gunstocks.

The simple three-step application couldn't be easier. First, the area to be coated is masked and cleaned of surface dirt and oils. Next, the specially formulated adhesive is uniformly spread on the masked area. Finally, the black Tactical Texture is sprinkled on the curing adhesive. With the easy-to follow instructions and all the components provided in the kit, the process is easily accomplished in minutes. The result is an unequalled, non-slip, tactical surface that is long lasting and weatherproof. DISCONTINUED

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