Trius Clay Target Traps

Trius Clay Target Trap in Action America's Choice for Clay Target Fun--Trius Traps Since 1955

For 50 years clay bird shooters, competitors and casual shooters alike, have made Trius traps their first choice for clay target practice and fun. There are many reasons for this, but the Trius reputation for solid reliability and clean competition grade targets are surely at the top of the list. Decade after decade, Trius quality has introduced generations of shooters to the challenge and enjoyment of clay target shooting.

Just look at the solid construction, quality components and ease of use. You'll understand why Trius has meant clay target traps for half a century.

Instruction Manual
Trius Tru-Spin
Trius Tru-Spin arm uses the throwing ring not the outer edge. Faster spin, greater distance, less breakage, just like club targets.
Trius High Strength Steel Frame
High strength steel frame and bolts are designed to last. Lock nuts throughout assure security. Compare to other models.
Trius Bronze Bushings
Oil impregnated bronze bushings make cocking easier and throw targets smoother and farther.
Trius Fully Adjustable
Large adjustment knobs with brass inserts are fully hand adjustable without tools.
Trius Pre-Assembled
Not a do-it-yourself box of parts. Simply attach base and you are ready to throw targets.
Trius Birdshooter 2 Trap D4 -Trius Birdshooter 2

TRIUS Quality but Priced for the Occasional Shooter!

The TRIUS Birdshooter has many of the fine features of our original trap but priced for the occasional shooter. Don't let the low price fool you; this trap has TRIUS quality and performance. A bit lighter weight than the "original TRIUS Trap," this trap will out perform other traps in its price range. Regulation singles and piggyback doubles make this an excellent choice for the beginner and/or experienced shooter. Can be held with foot or tire mount (bolt furnished). Aluminum arm plus oil impregnated bushings give years of trouble-free shooting. A High Angle Target Retainer is included for adding variety to your shooting. Fully adjustable without tools.

Trius Original Trap 92S - Trius Original

Built for the Serious Clay Target Shooter!

For 50 years the Original Trius Trap has been the trap that others have been judged by. The trap can be adjusted to throw beyond regulation distance. In addition, it throws doubles including piggyback doubles. On the ground or mounted to a tire (bolt furnished), the trap features a High Angle Target Retainer for those challenging high angle targets. Large adjustment knobs make the TRIUS trap fully adjustable without tools.

Trius One-Step Trap ST2 - Trius 1-Step

Now one person can throw targets and shoot.

One easy step cocks & releases target. One person can throw and shoot! The newest member of the TRIUS line, the One Step has become a very popular seller. Whether you enjoy shooting alone or with a group, the TRIUS One Step is almost effortless to use. Arm is set and targets are placed on arm without tension. Step on pedal to put tension on the arm and release targets in one motion. Aluminum arm plus oil impregnated bushings deliver years of trouble-free shooting. Throw regulation singles plus piggyback doubles. High Angle Target Clip Included! Large knobs for adjusting tension and vertical angle make the TRIUS One Step trap fully adjustable without tools.


Heavy item--shipped in manufacturer's heavy duty box.

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