Luma Ring Glowing Aperture Sights

Only replacement Cyalume lightsticks available
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The Next Generation of Fiber Optic Sights from Lyman

Turkey Hunters: Luma Ring Technology delivers faster, more precise shotgun aiming
Luma Ring
Luma Ring

Like a glowing aperture sight, The Luma Ring Sight provides a bright fluorescent dot encircled by a round circle of light when the sights are aligned. In addition to two brilliant interchangeable fiber optic rods (red and green), the sight utilizes the latest in chemical illumination (glow-in-the-dark) technology to provide precise sighting, even in the darkest of lighting conditions. The sight's body is constructed of rugged anodized aluminum and a polymer mounting rail, which snap on the rib of most shotguns. Also available with adhesive mount.

    Luma Ring Sight features:
  • Bright fiber optic Uni-Dot sight for rapid target acquisition
  • Internal light stick assists low light and nighttime aiming
  • Original sights remain in place
  • Patented Uni-Dot provides the brightest "dot" in the industry, eliminates dominant eye cross-over.
  • Positive "lock on" mounting requires no gunsmithing!
In addition to pinpoint sighting, the Luma Ring sight serves as a Target Distance Indicator:

If the luminescent ring surrounds the tom...he is at 40 yards!
If the luminescent ring surrounds the buck...he is at 100 yards!

  • Dot Color: Select a color which will contrast with your background color, for instance, if shooting in the woods, choose a red dot.
  • Mounting Style: Riblock: Most secure mounting style. Sight will include an adhesive strip to reinforce the fit. Adhesive Mount: Ideal for someone looking for a low profile sight line.
  • Determining Rib Size: To determine the proper sight, first measure the width of the ventilated rib on your shotgun. This may be done either by taking an accurate measurement or contacting your gun's manufacturer. Next, check the Uni-Dot model you prefer for the optimum sight for your shotgun.

    • .230-.300" use 1/4" Riblock
      • Beretta 303, 390 Field, 686, 687; Browning BPS, A5, BT99 Max/Plus, Citori Hunter, Upland Special; plus most other models with 1/4" wide ribs
    • .301-.370" use 5/16" Riblock
      • Benelli Super Black Eagle, Super 90; Browning Citori; Remington 870, 1100; Ruger Red Label; Winchester 101 Field Models, M12; plus most other models with 5/16" wide ribs
    • .371-.435" use 3/8" Riblock
      • Beretta 682, AL390 Sporting; Krieghoff K-80; Mossberg 500, 835, 5500, 9200; Winchester 1300, 1400; Wby O/U; plus most other models with 3/8" wide ribs
    • .436-.600" use Adhesive Mount
      • fits virtually any shotgun rib

  • Mounting the Riblock Sight on a Shotgun or Slug Gun: Uni-Dot sights require no alterations to your shotgun. You may mount Uni-Dot anywhere along the rib of your shotgun. Uni-Dot is made of high impact plastic. With your thumbs, spread the sides of the Uni-Dot out slightly at the open end. Then lace the open end on the rib and press the Uni-Dot down onto the rib one inch at a time. The Uni-Dot will bend and mould onto your rib. We recommend reinforcing the sight with the supplied adhesive strip.
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Replacement Cyalume light sticks with a glow time of up to 12 hours once activated.
For use with the Lyman Uni-Dot Day or Night fiber optic shotgun sights.
1.5" Min Type A. Discontinued--order while they last!
3552Green, 10 packExtra Cyalme Day/Night Lightsticks [LIMITED AVAILABILITY]6.98

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