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Uni-Dot - FAQs

How do I select which Uni-Dot sight is best for my application?

Dot Size: In General, the smaller the rod, the better the accuracy. For fast sighting on moving targets, a larger rod like our 4mm is best. We recommend the following applications:
Trap 2mm P200 or P210
Skeet/Sporting Clays 2mm P200 or P210

If you have severe dominant eye crossover - we suggest the P100 for the larger dot size (4mm).
Hunting 3mm P300 or P310

Dot Color:
Select a color which will contrast with your background color, for instance, if shooting in the woods, choose a red dot.

Mounting Style:
Riblock: Most secure mounting style. Sight will include adhesive strip to reinforce the fit.
Adhesive Mount: Ideal for someone looking for a low profile sight line.

Standard or Day/Night:
Standard Fiber Optic: Best for daytime shooting.
Day/Night: Best for low light shooting.

Luma Ring or Standard:
Standard: Most shooting applications
Luma Ring: Excellent for turkey hunting

Determining Rib Size:
To determine the proper sight, first measure the width of the ventilated rib on your shotgun. This may be done either by taking an accurate measurement or contacting your gunís manufacturer. Next, check the Uni-Dot model you prefer for the optimum sight for your shotgun.

Mounting the Riblock Sight on a Shotgun:
Uni-Dot sights require no alterations to your shotgun. You may mount Uni-Dot anywhere along the rib of your shotgun. Uni-Dot is made of high impact plastic. With your thumbs, spread the sides of the Uni-Dot out slightly at the open end. Then place the open end on the rib and press the Uni-Dot down onto the rib one inch at a time. The Uni-Dot will bend and mould onto your rib. We recommend reinforcing the sight with the supplied adhesive strip.