Varmint Auto-Resetting Self-Healing Target

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Varmint Auto-Resetting Self-Healing Target
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Target practice was never intended as part of a regimen to build bulging calves and heavy-duty hamstrings. Walking back and forth to reset a tactical target can make firing your weapon feel like an endless walk to nowhere. A durable, lifelike target simulates a more realistic training experience that is less time consuming and cost- effective to you. It can be the perfect tool to acclimate inexperienced shooters to engage a true to life target,


The Varmint Target is built to withstand the punishment of target practice, the rigors of the elements and it displays the resilience of a product made here in the United States of America. Its powder-coated high impact steel construction sets it apart from other targets that use paper or plastic construction and are designed for high-cost, disposable replacement parts. The Varmint Target has been tested under the most severe conditions possible and its unquestionable durability has proven it to be peerless among other indoor/outdoor targets.

  • Base Model -- Includes Everything You Need!
  • For rimfire .22 ammo
  • 36 lbs (40 lbs boxed)
  • Front Steel Protection Plate ( model VT101 )
    • For .22 rimfire only
  • Constructed from High-Quality Polymers
  • One Self-Healing Target Included
  • Rechargeable 12 volt battery, with Charger
  • Twist On Lid with Handle
  • Can be buried for use
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Available without front plate ( model VT101X )
    • Protect it by burial, like in the movie below



  • Replacement Self Healing Targets Available
    • For when the Varmint's Finally Given In
    • Pack of 5

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