The Duelist Competition Target Stand

Safe Rimfire fun...
for more than one!

Designed for .22 Rimfire pistol and rifle, this resetable target lets two shooters have a safe duel. When one shooter hits the target plate, the other plate is locked in the upright position. No questions about who won the duel, or works as a resetting target for individual use. Simply shoot the lower reset plate to ready the Duelist Competition Target Stand for the next duel.

The Duelist Competition Target Stand's rugged, steel construction assures years of shooting fun. A collection of stick-on aiming points and targets are included. Delivered in an attractive, eye-catching package.

•Hit Reset Plate and Target Pops Back Up
•First Target Hit Locks the Other. There's a Winner Every Time

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4320020The "Duelist" Competition Resetting Target Stand [LIMITED AVAILABILTY]25.9823.12

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