Wooden-Knockers™ Target Stands

Shooting regulation paper targets are a good way to quantify your skills, but you need a stand to hold them. You are not suppose to shoot the stands, but no matter how good you are some shots will be fliers. Bullets will go through practically anything that is not thick heavy steel. Steel is expensive, very heavy, and many ranges do not allow any solid metal objects down range due to fear of a bullet being deflected. Wood won't stop a bullet, but it can take many unintentional hits and still be usable (depending on ballistics, and luck). Wooden target stands are light and easy to transport, the chips are biodegradable (unlike plastic), and replacement parts can be found inexpensively at any home store, plus you don't need a welder to build or repair it.

Shown with 25yd rapid fire pistol target Shown with four 50ft targets and an extra beam Shown with 100yd rifle target Shown with regulation target
NOTE: The bricks in the images above are to give contrast--you should not be shooting at brick walls!

Wooden-Knockers™ Target Stand: These wooden stands can take many hits and still be usable--if you break a piece, replace just that piece with an inexpensive spare that you carry with you--all the wooden parts are interchangeable. The Pistoleer Target stand can be easily and quickly assembled by hand (no tools required), or disassembled completely for easy carry and storage. The design is versatile enough that even if you do happen to take out half of the pieces, you will still have a usable stand. It is fully adjustable to accommodate most regulation paper targets (up to 24" wide and 45" tall), and has a professional finished look that you will be proud to display down range.

Plans Available: If you have the tools, the inclination, and an hour to spare, you can build yourself one of these stands. All you need are a drill press and a miter saw (hand tools can be substituted). The lumber and hardware can be found at any home store. I can provide you with a detailed diagram to build, assemble, and utilize the Pistoleer Target Stand.

Detailed diagram and instruction sheet FREE with any order!*
Or send SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) to:
Pistoleer.com, 12 Schiber Court, Maryville, IL 62062
* Online without order or mail in without SASE, nonrefundable S&H charge.

WARNING: All shooters and spectators should wear hearing and eye protection whenever target shooting. Bullet deflections are always possible, and could result in injury or death. Keep target stand at a safe distance from shooter and all spectators. There is no warranty, stated or implied, regarding the use of this target stand. By using this stand, you assume all liability from injury, property damage, or otherwise, regardless if caused by design, materials, instructions, or otherwise.

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